‘Ant-Man’ Update: Sequel in the Works? Ant-Man Annual #1 Might be Helpful

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Ant-Man’ Update: Sequel in the Works? Ant-Man Annual #1 Might be Helpful

“Ant-Man” is already at the box office generating good collections for Marvel Studios and kicking it off to their third phase when the studio has also released something else apart from the movie. Reports state that along with the movie, a comic book “Ant-Man Annual #1” has also been released by Marvel, however the story line of the comic is somewhat different than the movie.

According to Inside Pulse, along with the release of the movie, Marvel Comics has released the afore mentioned comic book that features Scott Lang as Ant-Man, Hank Pym as Giant Man and a cameo by Janet Van Dyne as  the Wasp. It is also being said that the comic book will be debuting a new Giant Man, that will surprise some fans. The comic book gives a little preview of the history between the first Ant-Man/Giant Man Hank Pym and his successor Scott Lang as Ant-Man. The comic highlights some tension between the two characters as Hank Pym aka Giant Man demands that Scott aka Ant-Man give him his helmet back. However the main focus in the story is the villain that both Ant-Man and Giant Man will have to fight together.

Egghead serves as the villain whose ambition is to create A.I Avengers and that’s when a new character is introduced. This new character is a bright South Asian student called Raz Malhotra whose dissertation is the reason why Egghead believes that he is the guy who can help him realize his dream. Egghead manages to get control on Raz with some tech and makes him his pawn. Towards the end somehow Giant Man and Ant-Man manage to defeat the A.I Avengers created by Egghead and apprehend him when he tries to kill Raz who also manages to regain his senses and realizing what he has done.

In the end there’s a cameo by Janet Van Dyne who confesses that Hank was in a way inspired by how Scott turned his life around and has left something for him. This something turns out to be the Giant Man costume and tech and from there it can be assumed that Hank wants Scott to become the next Giant Man. But, Scott, being impressed by Raz and his capabilities passes on the costume and the tech to him,  making him the next Giant Man. If the studio were to adapt this comic book story, it would be interesting to see the character in a major role or maybe lending a helping hand to Scott Lang’s Ant-Man, in the movie’s sequel “Ant-Man 2”.

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