Anti-Defamation League Criticizes Rivers for Joke

By admin | 6 years ago

Joan Rivers has come under fire. The judge on Fashion Police who is well known for her ridiculing comments about fellow celebrities has landed in some mighty hot water following her jokes about the German roots of Heidi Klum and the full figure of Adele.

While visiting David Letterman the fashion critic asked if Adele had been on his show. Rivers said that Adele was imitating an overweight person by holding her arms out from her body and puffing her cheeks out. The comments received boos from the studio audience attending the show.

Acting as if the unfavorable response for the crowd did not faze her, Rivers then said no, no Adele is thin. The always controversial Rivers than mocked the singing sensation from Britain even more by saying Adele should add Fried Chicken to her song Rolling in the Deep.

Rivers was not finished as she said that Adele sang and said that her throat hurt and it was difficult to swallow. Rivers finished by saying oh, yes Adele can swallow.

She followed that up with a preview of the Oscars on Twitter by tweeting on Sunday night you will easily be able to pick the statuette for Adele from the lineup of all the Oscar statuettes, because it will be the one with Spanx on.

Rivers also angered members of the Anti-Defamation League when she made a Holocaust joke about the look of Klum. Rivers said the last time a German looked that hot was when they pushed Jews into the ovens.

A spokesperson for the ADL said that it is offensive and vulgar for anyone to use the deaths of millions of Jews during the Holocaust in any joke, but it is especially true for a person who is Jewish and publically and proudly wears her own Jewishness for everyone to see on her sleeve.

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