Anti-Obama Documentary Strong at the Box Office

By admin | 6 years ago

Summer is coming to a close and Hollywood is running out of hits. A surprise box office hit is 2016: Obama’s America, which is an anti-Obama documentary that took the 8th spot in the charts. It expanded from limited to nationwide release and earned $6.2 million. Anti Obama Documentary

2016: Obama’s America is a conservative view of what the country would be like four years from now if President Barack Obama successfully wins the upcoming presidential election. It was released by Rocky Mountain Pictures and nearly matched the Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer Premium Rush, which earned $6.3 million to get 7th place. The Sony release movie played in more than twice that of the anti-Obama documentary.

Sylvester’s Stallone’s The Expendables 2 sit at the top spot for the second straight weekend with $13.5 million. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s car chase comedy Hit & Run debuted at number 10 with $4.7 million. The horror movie The Apparition opened this weekend at the 12th spot with $3 million.

Weak openings are normal for late August, which is seen as dumping grounds for movies with less appeal compared to the summer blockbusters. This is the week when young viewers are more concerned about going back to school.

With few competitions from mainstream Hollywood releases, it opens up opportunities for surprise hits such as 2016: Obama’s America. It is rare to see a documentary in the top ten of the box office chart, especially for a very conservative film. It opened in a handful of theaters in mid-July and it gradually widened to more cities. This weekend, it expanded into 1,091 theaters.

It had a solid showing in the box office but it pales in comparison to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which debuted at the top spot with $23.9 million in June 2004. It averaged $27,558 in 868 theaters. It is currently the top-grossing documentary, making $119.1 million in domestic box office.

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