Apple Music’s Big Interview: Eminem Talks about the New ‘Phenomenal’ Music Video

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Apple Music’s Big Interview: Eminem Talks about the New ‘Phenomenal’ Music Video
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | Eminem

Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio launched itself with lots of fanfare with BBC Radio host Zane Lowe interviewing big time rapper, Eminem. The Detroit rapper talked of his many interests on the show and was very forthcoming about his upcoming music video for the song “Phenomenal” which is about to be released on Friday, the third of July.

During the interview, Eminem told Zane Lowe that the video for “Phenomenal” would be different. He said, ““We’re just trying to do something different,” he said. “[It] Put me in a different scenario, different set-up, different scenery.”

True to form, Eminem has penned yet another masterpiece about self empowerment. This obviously is Eminem’s signature style. Fans will remember the song, “Lose Yourself” from the late 90s which was also about self motivation and self empowerment.

He also talked at length about the upcoming sports drama thriller, “Southpaw” which has Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams in the lead. He confessed that the movie was written with him in mind. The writer, Kurt Sutter wanted him to play the lead. The actual movie especially the concept, was almost five years old, he explained to Lowe. “At the time that they were ready to shoot and everything was coming together, [but] my schedule didn’t work with it.” He also told Lowe that he thought the movie as it is now is incredible and he wouldn’t change anything about it.

MTV reports that Slim Shady also told the interviewer that he was a huge boxing enthusiast and he rarely missed any fights. He confessed to being a trained boxer, having learned it under the tutelage of Emanuel Steward. He had had about a year’s training on that front.

He remembered the days spent in the now famous 8 Mile town. He said that while living there he felt like he was a hamster going from one wheel to the next. He learned his craft while living there. He said that even though it looks like fun, it wasn’t all fun.

Photo Source: Facebook\ Eminem

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