Aquaman: Reasons Why Jason Momoa Starrer Will Be The Best Solo Movie Of DCEU

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Aquaman: Reasons Why Jason Momoa Starrer Will Be The Best Solo Movie Of DCEU
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Aquaman will start shooting soon for its next year release. With Jason Momoa landing in Adelaide recently, the King of Atlantis’ solo movie could very well be the best solo movie of DC. There are many factors as to why the movie could end up becoming the best solo movie and here are some of them.


Up until now, Aquaman has been the butt of all jokes. However, with Jason Momoa being cast as Aquaman, the jokes have seized to stop. The Game of Thrones actor has put a new perspective on the character and has made him look like a hero who can do significant damage all by himself.

In the first official trailer of Justice League that was released recently, it was Jason’s Aquaman who was doing most of the fighting and ended up shining the most. This tells fans that in Superman’s absence, Aquaman could be the muscle of the group.

With the character becoming deadly and going through a completely new look, it could prove to be one of the reasons why his movie will be the best solo movie.


Aquaman has assembled one of the best casts that the industry has to offer. With Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe joining Mamoa in the solo movie, it guarantees the movie will be really fun to watch.

With an incredibly talented cast making up the roster, their respective preparations for their roles also guarantee that fans can expect the best Aquaman ever.


Another reason why the movie could prove to be one of the best solo movies is James Wan. With the director of The Conjuring series helming the solo movie, fans can expect some traditional James Wan filming styles and tricks in the movie.

Wan has been dedicated to the project for a long time now and going by how he plans to shoot it and carry out the whole movie, which could have a majority of underwater sequence, he will surely end up doing the movie right.

Jason Momoa

One of the reasons why the solo movie and the character are going to become popular with the fans is because of Mamoa himself. The Justice League star has been so energetic and supportive about DC projects; fans have started to be in awe of him.

Be it his appearance in Comic-Con or any other public meet up, Mamoa’s enthusiasm and love for the project is what keeps fans believing in him. Also with an enigmatic personality like his, it just instills more faith and confidence in fans that he will do justice to both the character and the movie.

Patrick Wilson

With Mamoa helming the heroic side of the movie, fans should also not forget the villain of the movie. Veteran actor Patrick Wilson is playing Ocean Master and has been beefing up for the part.

As a regular James Wan collaborator, getting Wilson for the main villain’s part was a smart move from the director’s side. So when the movie releases, it will be seen what exactly is his equation with his half-brother and how exactly does his character unfold in it.

Link to Justice League

Each of the solo movies will release after the DC heroes have united in this year’s Justice League. This would give fans the opportunity to see what do these heroes do once they go back to their respective worlds.

Diana will go back to her job as an Art Conserver/Entrepreneur, Flash will go back to work as Forensic Scientist, Bruce will go back to being a Billionaire and Jason will go back to Atlantis where he will be announced as the King.

With each of the heroes’ life being interesting than the other, it would be interesting to see how does Aquaman link to Justice League.

The Wrap reported that the reason why Nicole Kidman agreed to be a part of Aquaman was because she loves James Wan and has been following his work from the beginning. She will be playing Aquaman’s mother Queen Atlanna in the movie.

Aquaman will release next year on Dec. 21.


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