Aquaman: Rocky IV Star Dolph Lundgren Cast As King Nereus

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Aquaman: Rocky IV Star Dolph Lundgren Cast As King Nereus
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The Aquaman cast is just getting stronger as each day passed. After an impressive cast was unveiled for the King of Atlantis’ solo movie, Rocky IV star Dolph Lundgren is the latest addition to its cast.

Reports are confirming that Lundgren has been brought aboard to play the role of King Nereus, who has had a history with Aquaman, his wife Mera, and the Kingdom of Atlantis. Here is what is known about the latest cast addition.


The Hollywood Reporter reveals that making the highly talented cast more glorious is action star Lundgren. He is known for movies like Rocky IV, Expendables, and A View to a Kill, amongst others.

Reports confirm that he will be playing King Nereus of the Aquatic kingdom of Xebel. As King Nereus, he will have nothing but hatred toward Aquaman and will consider Mera as his own. His hatred for Arthur goes to an extent that he desires to kill the King of Atlantis.

Comic book origin

King Nereus has not been explored too much in the Aquaman-verse until recently. He made his debut in the comic book Aquaman #19 in the Death of a King arc, when Mera had a close encounter with him.

He is described as the leader of Xebels, who is a group of exiled Atlanteans. What is interesting to know is that Mera herself was once a part of it.

Later on, when Rise of the Seven Seas arc was explored, Nereus offered to side with Arthur’s half-brother Orm in the latter’s quest for domination. While Aquaman will try to remain as close as possible to the comic books, watching Nereus side with Orm would only increase the threat for Arthur.


While it has not been revealed what kind of portrayal Lundgren’s Nereus will have, it can be assumed that given his hatred for Aquaman, he will be joining forces with Orm to defeat the king.

With Orm and Black Manta already serving as the villains of the movie, a third one will pose an even bigger threat for the King of Atlantis. If Arthur has Mera fighting by his side, then it would become a fair brawl on both the sides.


Nereus, being Atlantean, possesses the same kind of powers as other Atlanteans. He has super speed, super strength, durability, ability to breathe, see and move underwater with ease.

In addition to this he also possesses the power to control water like Mera and has a spear-like weapon to fight. Given his powers, he will certainly be a genuine threat to Arthur but it would be seen how much screen time will he get in the solo movie.


Considering that Orm and Black Manta are already present in the movie as villains, Nereus could be introduced in the solo movie only to be setup for a potential sequel.

If Aquaman ends up fighting three villains in the movie, it would just look over-stuffed with villains. Instead of doing that it would be beneficial if Nereus has a small role in the first one and later on ends up becoming the main villain in the sequel.

With production starting in May this year in Australia, it would be interesting to see how Lundgren’s character evolves in the movie.

Other cast

Just before Lundgren was added to the cast of the movie, Nicole Kidman was confirmed to be playing the role of Queen Atlanna. Also, Temuera Morrison was confirmed to be playing Thomas Curry, Arthur’s human father.

Patrick Wilson has started to beef up for the role of Orm and Heard has been training hard as well to get her moves right as Mera. With Momoa appearing in Justice League this year, his solo adventure could very well be one of the most successful movies in DCEU.

Aquaman is scheduled for release on Dec. 21 next year.


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