Arbitrage Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Arbitrage Movie ReviewArbitrage wants the audience to root for a lying hedge fund billionaire, played by Richard Gere. In case you didn’t know, arbitrage is the act of buying and selling an asset in the same time in order to profit from the difference in price. It is a type of transaction that results in profit by exploiting price differences of identical financial instruments on different markets.

But even if you didn’t know the meaning of the word, Arbitrage is an enjoyable movie. It is well-written and you can see that the actors had fun doing it. It is written and directed by Nicholas Jarecki, who made each character smart with something good to say.

Arbitrage features tense dialogue spoken by the rich and poor as they are under extreme legal and financial pressure. Gere gives out an inspired performance as the Wall Street investor who is having a troubled 60th birthday week. He loses millions of dollars when his investment in a Russian copper mine goes bust and to add to his misery, his mistress is asking for more. His auditors are also investigating a large-scale fraud and his daughter (Brit Marling), who is the company’s chief financial officer, doesn’t like the findings of her internal audit. His wife (Susan Sarandon) is also asking him to donate to a charity.

In the course of Arbitrage, a character is killed and a detective (Tim Roth) is investigating it. He suspects Gere to be hiding something. The movie is a combination of Wall Street and Law & Order. It has a complicated plot but everything is unraveled in the end.

Gere makes you root for his character no matter how evil he might be. You will be part of his team right from the start. Arbitrage opens in cinemas on Friday. It is rated R for language, drug use, and brief violent images.

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