Archery in Mainstream Due to Movies like The Hunger Games

By admin | 6 years ago

Archery is now mainstream thanks to movies such as The Hunger Games and it was further ignited by the 2012 London Olympic Games. The sport is one of the most-watched events in the Olympics during the first week and the ninth most visited livestream among all the sports during the first half of the Games. It was also because the men’s team gave the US its first medal of the Olympics. Hunger Games

People are now looking forward to the sequels of The Hunger Games and Avengers, which feature heroes with bows. Two new series are also scheduled to debut this fall. These are the Green Arrow and J.J. Abrams’ Arrow.

Archery today is not just a spectator sport. More kids and adults are signing up for lessons. The American contingent for archery in the 2016 Olympic Games might be made up of different members. The United States is late as cultures across the globe have used the bow and arrow since prehistoric times.

The ancient Greeks named Apollo as god of archery while his sister Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. Mongolian mounted hunters have wreaked havoc across Asia. During medieval times, kings from England and Scotland applied archery metaphors into their philosophical reflections. The Japanese has the meditative art of Kyudo.

In North America, Native American tribes turned to the bow and arrow around 500 A.D. But they set the bow aside in favor of the gun. Ishi, the last Yahi Indian who died in 1916, began the 20th century American revival of using the bow and arrow.

The movie Revolution coincided with the archery first qualifiers in 2012. It was observed that more people are interested in the sport compared to last year. The US Archery membership has increased 20 percent.

Bronze medalist Khatuna Lorig used to hear dismissive comments about archery. That was before she trained actress Jennifer Lawrence to shoot as the main actress in The Hunger Games. Now people say to her that it is a cool sport.

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