Ariana Grande Finds Justin Bieber In Her Support List After Donut Issue

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago
Ariana Grande Finds Justin Bieber In Her Support List After Donut Issue

Ariana Grande, an American singer and actress has got a support call from her pal Justin Bieber after the Donut incident rattled her life.

We always want to have someone to stand with us when we make mistake and that has happened now with Ariana. Justin Bieber called her up and showed his support, making her feel better.

According to, Bieber comforted Ariana and told her that making mistakes is part of life and her fans are always with her.

Bieber’s friendly advice has charged the ‘Break Free’ singer who has been in extreme pressure after the Donut-Licking Scandal.

The Canadian star, who often hits headlines for all wrong reasons and is also called as a bad-rap for his law-breaking acts, empathized with Ariana, stating his mistakes that he has done so far. He said that one can learn from those mistakes and experiences. Even if everyone is against her, she has her true fans, who are always with her. She only needs to prove herself.

Ariana has been mired in a controversy for her ‘I hate America’ remark. She was seen licking doughnuts with her boyfriend at a California shop early this month’ and was heard saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.”

The video has gone viral bringing in hate and criticisms for Ariana. However, in defense, Ariana said that she only made a point about healthy eating in America. It is disturbing that we as Americans never ponder over the consequences of eating and consuming things, said Ariana.

Earlier, Frankie Grande, Ariana’s brother too defended her stating that she was being judged harshly.

Meanwhile, she has already apologized twice for her “I hate America” remark, but has failed to get better response.

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Photo source: Ariana Grande/Facebook

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