Ariana Grande Gets Huge Fans Support For Her Donuts Licking Scandal

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago
Ariana Grande Gets Huge Fans Support For Her Donuts Licking Scandal

Arianators are stealing the show now with their donuts licking selfies in support of Ariana Grande. They have taken up to social media with the hashtag #WeForgiveYouAriana.

Even if, Ariana is still facing criticisms, her fans are in no mood to let any thing go its own way and have started licking donuts in solidarity with their favorite pop star.

To prove donuts licking as NBD, Arianators are posting their pictures licking real and fake donuts on Twitter and Instagram, according to The Latino Post.

Early this month, the American singer and actress severely criticized for her ‘I hate America’ remark. A video had shown her licking doughnuts with her boyfriend at a California shop, where she was heard saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.”

The video gone viral bringing in a lot of hates for the 22-years-old star. The “Break Free” singer defended herself stating that she was just making a point about healthy eating in America. She said, “It often disturbs me that how we as Americans never ponder over the consequences of eating and consuming things.”

Showing her frustration and concern over the highest rate of child obesity in the United States, she stressed the need of awareness on the consequences and dangers of overeating.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande got a support call from her pal Justin Bieber which charged her up. The Canadian star empathized with her stating his own mistakes that one can learn from those mistakes and experiences. He told her that even if everyone is against her, she has her true fans, who are always with her and she only needs to prove herself.

While the donuts licking drama seems to be old after Ariana apologized for her remarks twice, fans are showing no sign to stop soon and the trend is on rise. But, who will remind the fans that donuts are not for licking, they are to eat.

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Photo source: Ariana Grande/Facebook

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