Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson Engagement Ring: What You Need to Know

By MNG Editorial Team | 4 months ago
Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson Engagement Ring: What You Need to Know
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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are rumored to be tying the knot soon. While the young couple have yet to confirm their engagement, a source has revealed details about their $100,000 engagement ring. 

Ariana Grande engaged rumors have been filling up the web this week. Fans were quick to point out the huge rock the No Left Tears To Cry singer is sporting on that finger. She has also been very active on social media lately, tweeting up a storm with her fans about the rumored engagement. 

Ariana Grande Engagement Ring Details

Ariana and Pete may be keeping mum for now, but someone close to the comedian have revealed details about Ariana Grande’s engagement ring. According to jeweler Greg Yuna, who designed the engagement ring, the SNL star requested for the diamond ring about a month ago. 

“Pete called me at the end of May and said ‘Look, I’m getting a ring. This is what I want.’ And I told him that I had the right ring for him,” Yuna told E! News. 

Davidson did not disclose any information to the jeweler, including who the ring was for. “He didn’t tell me who it was for but told me to keep it a secret. He didn’t tell me anything about it,” Yuna added. 

The pear-shaped 3-carat diamond ring was later seen on Ariana Grande’s engagement ring finger. It took two weeks to make and costed a whopping $93,000. 

Ariana Likes Twitter Posts About Engagement

Since rumors of their engagement popped online, Ariana has been leaving clues for her fans to pick up. The 24-year-old singer has been busy replying to posts of her fans on Twitter. Interestingly, she has been replying and liking tweets about her and Pete Davidson’s engagement. 

In one tweet, a fan told the singer that Pete should know he is marrying Ariana’s fans as well. The Side to Side songstress replied with “HAHAHAHAHAHH HES BEEN BRIEFED.”

Another fan tweeted that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s wedding will outsell the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She replied with “stfu.”

As if those clues weren’t enough, Ari also Liked a tweet about her being engaged. A fan posted “honest to god our girl is engaged,” to which the singer indirectly agreed to with a simple Like. 

While the couple has yet to confirm their wedding-to-be, all the breadcrumbs lead to a confirmation of their engagement. Hopefully, Grande and Davidson confirm it soon. 

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