Arizona Says Obama May Not Appear on Ballot

By admin | 6 years ago

Ken Bennett, the Secretary of State for Arizona, is in charge of the elections in Arizona. He recently said he was not 100% convinced that President Barack Obama was actually born within the United States. Therefore, he said he might keep the President’s name off the Arizona ballot in this November’s election.

The secretary of state’s latest comments came during a Thursday interview with Mike Broomhead a conservative host of a radio talk show in Phoenix. Bennett said he was following what Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa Sheriff had done, ordered an investigation into the birth certificate of the president, last year. Arpaio said his investigation had proved the birth certificate was false. Bennett said he was now in the process of verifying with Hawaii officials that Obama’s birth certificate is in fact genuine.

On a number of occasions, the authorities in charge of birth certificates in Hawaii have said that Obama’s is authentic and he was born in the state in 1961. Bennett is Arizona’s No. 2 highest elected official, with Governor Jan Brewer the only one above him. He said the investigation he was conducting was not personal. He said he has received over 1,200 emails from people asking him to check on the birth certificate since Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation was made public.

On the talk show, Bennett said he believed that Obama was born in the U.S., but he said it was his responsibility as the secretary of state to ensure the ballots in Arizona are correct.

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