‘Armello’ Developer Talks About Game Play

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Armello’ Developer Talks About Game Play
Armello developers talk about the change in trend of board games. The digital version has more action, adventure, and drama as compared to their physical counterpart. Armello developers speak about the salient features of the game.

The time that we are living in is really wonderful as the hobby board gaming is becoming bigger and bigger. The board games are becoming popular every day, bathing in the light of this popularity some adaptions of these board games have also become popular. Unfortunately, this adaptation market is terrible at worst and pretty good at being best.

According to idigitaltimes.com, no new innovation has taken place in the world of digital board games, and that is where “League of Geeks” comes in. The indie studio; League of Geeks is working day and night, to come up with their first game, “Armello”.

The fairy tailed themed digital board game, “Armello”, is unique in the sense that it is different from the pre-existing physical games. It uses a board in the form of a hexagon, which is similar to Civilization or Settlers of Catan. The objective of “Armello” is to guide the character to become the new king or queen of the area.

According to armello.com, this objective can be achieved in various ways, but building up your own character to get rid of the old king is the most commonly used one. Blake Mizzi explains that the reason for taking up a completely digital route is that there are certain things which are not possible to do on physical board game.

Mizzi, director and co-founder of “League of Geeks” highlighted some points at the time of showcasing “Armello”. He moved the character into the forest during night, and now it is stealth, it is not possible to do so in board games. Nobody will be able to see the character if it is chained from forest to forest.

Digital board games can have dynamic objects such as monsters, traps and also the time of day. These things are not possible in physical board games. In Armello, there is a day / night cycle with one round taking place at night and the other during the day.

Things become very dangerous at night because of the fairy tale setting of “Armello”. There are more tricks and traps around and the monsters become more powerful.

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