Armie Hammer: The Man from U.N.C.L.E Star Addresses Green Lantern Rumors Again

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Armie Hammer: The Man from U.N.C.L.E Star Addresses Green Lantern Rumors Again
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Armie Hammer is known for many roles, however, Green Lantern is one that has been associated with him for a while. It has not been confirmed if he has been chosen to play the role but considering the trolling the actor has been doing, many have started assuming that he got the part.

Looking at the turn of events, Hammer decided to clarify the Green Lantern rumors again and here is what he said.

Hammer’s statement

Heroic Hollywood reported that when The Man from U.N.C.L.E star was asked about the Green Lantern rumors that have been circulating around for a while, he addressed them by saying that there is no confirmation yet.

According to him, whatever rumors were reported about him playing the superhero all came from social media. He also stated that no studio was involved when the rumors popped up.

Elaborating further, the actor did mention that the rumors were fun for a while but when he sensed that fans could turn on him, he decided to slowly back away. He also mentioned that he has nothing to confirm or deny when it comes to the such rumors.

Trolling with Henry Cavill

Just a few months back when the shortlist for the superhero was first revealed, fans started coming out in support of Hammer. Seeing this as an opportunity, the actor started to troll fans on Twitter and later on Instagram.

His The Man from U.N.C.L.E co-star Henry Cavill joined him in the trolling process as numerous posts  saw both of them taking fans for a ride. Hammer would regularly like Cavill’s Green Lantern related posts, which fuelled more speculation.

Previous statement

In another interview inquiring about the Green Lantern role,  he casually smiled a bit, before mentioning that the rumors were the first he has ever heard.

Many fans theorized that he is trying to keep the news of his casting a secret especially because a strategy must be in place to officially break the news. Others also added that Hammer’s response was very much similar to Jason Momoa’s when news of him getting cast as Aquaman started circulating.

Twitter posts

If the actor’s statements were not enough, some fans even went through the pain to comb out tweets that Hammer liked. One of the tweets liked by the actor was from Geoff Johns who is currently the President and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics.

The post’s caption had the first line from Green Lantern’s oath and an image of the Green Lantern ring. With Hammer liking a tweet like this, fans’ doubts over his casting started to fade away as many started believing it is only a matter of time before his casting is officially announced.

Other contenders

Of all the contenders that were revealed for the role, Hammer is perhaps the only one who has received the maximum support. Fans believe he will be able to do justice to the role and will be able to bring out every nuance of the character.

Also considering the fact that he has a really good working equation with Cavill who plays Superman in DCEU, casting him will only be a plus point.

Green Lantern Corps

An official casting announcement could still be far off mainly because Green Lantern Corps is scheduled to release in 2020. The movie will reportedly have two Lanterns namely Hal Jordan and John Stewart and is being described as Lethal Weapon in space.

It remains to be seen if Hammer is trying to keep his casting a secret or if he really has not been cast in the role. Armie Hammer will be next seen in Cars 3 and an untitled Ben Wheatley project.


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