Armstrong Stripped of Titles by ICU

By admin | 6 years ago

The seven titles for the Tour de France can now be forgotten. The celebrations for the yellow jersey throughout his many tours are all for naught now. On Monday, the governing body of cycling, the International Cycling Union, erased Lance Armstrong’s name from all the record books.

Armstrong at one time was considered the Tour’s greatest rider of all time, but on Monday, he was cast out by the sport and formally stripped of the seven titles he won and banned from the sport for life. The UCI stripped the title for Armstrong’s alleged involvement in a massive program of doping that in essence tainted each one of his great victories.

The UCI president Pat McQuaid issued a statement saying that cycling had no place for Lance Armstrong and he deserved to be forgotten by the sport. McQuaid said it was a landmark day for all of cycling.

He announced that the UCI had accepted the USADA sanctions and were not going to appeal them. McQuaid said some of the evidence that had been detailed in the USADA report had sickened him.

UCI often times prior to the USADA report had backed the Texan. The UCI endorsed Armstrong’s ban for life after studying the 200-page document the USADA had supplied them. The group also said they would meet later in the week to discuss the possibility of taking away his bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics.

Christian Prudhomme, the director of the Tour said he does not consider Armstrong to be the champion of the tour for those seven consecutive years and wants the prize money for those victories to be paid back to the Tour.

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