Army Of One: Nicolas Cage Shines Anew In A True-To-Life Comedy [Trailer]

By Eva Artosilla | 1 year ago
Army Of One: Nicolas Cage Shines Anew In A True-To-Life Comedy [Trailer]
Army of One

Nicolas Cage is out to give another blockbuster movie. Army of One is about Gary Faulkner, an American  out to chase the notorious terrorist, Osama Bin Laden all by himself. Bin Laden who masterminded the 9/11 attacks was one of the most wanted fugitives in the world.

The massive manhunt for the elusive terrorist was an all out effort by the U.S. The search penetrated unimaginable places on Earth to find him. The Al Qaeda leader was captured by the U.S. Special Action Forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

Nicolas Cage New Movie Is Another Potential Blockbuster

It is a true-to-life story of one man who believes he was commissioned by God to capture Osama Bin Laden. Nicolas Cage’s performance is amazing and his travel to Pakistan is really funny.  See the trailer below to have a glimpse of his hilarious adventures that did not end in victory.

The Army of One trailer features a weird man portrayed by Nicolas Cage. As per Cinema Blend, the film promises a series of entertaining adventures of one man. His courage and strategies to fulfill his divine mission are well-thought. Gary Faulkner had a hallucination that God (Russell Brand) assigned him to do the difficult manhunt. Before embarking on his journey, the movie shows his funny training and his travel to the Middle East.

The Larry Charles-helmed film is seen as one of Nicolas Cage’s best performances. The Face/Off actor has not done a good movie for quite some time and his fans are eager for his next film.

Movie Boasts Of High-Caliber Comedians

The Goldbergs star Wendy McLendon-Covey joins  Russell Brand (Rock of Ages) to lend their unique antics.  The Office star Rainn Wilson will spice up the film with her comic acts too. They together with Cage will produce a hilarious but action-packed movie.

Army of One will be available on Digital HD on November 4 and the Blu-ray and DVD versions on November 15. Stay tuned for more details and watch out for the release date.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Nicolas Cage

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