Arnold Schwarzenegger Starrer Aftermath Review: Everything To Know About

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger Starrer Aftermath Review: Everything To Know About

Drama thriller film Aftermath is originally based on the real life incident of Überlingen mid-air collision which happened in 2002. The film stars Commando actor Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired by the character of Vitaly Kaloyev. This is a serious film which has full of emotions and vengeful desires of a man who lost his family in an accident. He is left alone and spends most of his time at their cemetery and decides to demand answers in person to the man who was held responsible for that accident.


Aftermath begins with the introduction of Schwarzenegger character Roman who is waiting for his wife and daughter’s arrival. However, things turn upside down when he finds out that their plane crashed minutes before their arrival due to a collision with a cargo plane. The disaster strikes when air traffic controller Jake Bonanos (played by Scoot McNairy) was in-charge and was not at his desk for a few minutes. Though, by the time he tries to make an effort to change the path of flights, it was too late.

Roman finds a broken necklace of his daughter when he tries to locate their bodies. Furthermore, the aviation company offers compensation for Roman’s loss. But he wishes to see the Jake in person, in which the company doesn’t respond too.

Jake is labeled as a murderer by people and was forced to give up his life and relocate to find peace again. Jake moved to a different place to start anew, but due to what happened, his wife and his son couldn’t take the pressure anymore and decided to leave Jake. Jake resumed his life in a different place using a different identity as a travel agent. On the other hand, Roman who has become completely lost and is determined to find Jake. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

Inspired By Real Life Event

The film is based on the real-life accident Überlingen mid-air collision in which Russian architect Kaloyev lost his wife and kids. He was then convicted of the murder of Peter Nielsen, the air traffic controller who was handling traffic that day. However, Nielsen was later cleared of all the charges and was relieved from his job. But Kaloyev believed that he was responsible for the death of his family members and he traveled to Swiss two years later after the accident and stabbed him to death.

Cast Members & Creative Team

The film cast includes Maggie Grace, Martin Donovan, Hannah Ware, Mariana Klaveno, Kevin Zegers, and Larry Sullivan in significant roles. It is directed by Elliott Lester who is best known for his direction in Blitz.


There are some major references from the reality, which tries to reflect the emotional trauma that both Kaloyev and Nielsen went through. It gives a complete brief of the story which gives entire focus on Schwarzenegger and McNairy’s character. In addition to this, there is a range of emotions, which will be seen right from the beginning of the film. There is happiness, loss, sadness, revenge, depression, and fear.

Release Date & Production Details

Aftermath is slated for release on April 7, 2017. It has been shot majorly in Ohio, Columbus and was made in the production budget of around $10.5 million.

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