Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils New Terminator Title

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils New Terminator Title
Gov. Schwarzenegger visits Old Town Eureka to survey earthquake damage

 Paramount has left Arnold Schwarzenegger to unveil the reboot film “Terminator: Genisys.”  Earlier, Schwarzenegger has revealed the “Terminator” reboot on Instagram, revealing it to his over 646,000 followers, prompting Twitter critiques while also launching the film’s official Instagram account, @TerminatorGenisys. Check out the photo here. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Originally, “Terminator: Genesis” the film is the fifth installment to the highly acclaimed “Terminator” franchise and will be starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will reprise his role of the titular character. Along with Schwarzenegger are newcomers Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Dayo Okeniyi, Matt Smith, Byung-hun Lee and J. K. Simmons.

The franchise focuses on the battle for survival between the human race and the self-aware artificial intelligence, that is, Skynet. Skynet is positioned in the first film as a U.S. strategic defense computer system that becomes self-aware and, on perceiving all humans as a threat, seeks to wipe out humanity itself. It initiates a nuclear strike, wiping out much of humanity instantly. In the post-apocalyptic aftermath, Skynet builds up its own autonomous machine-based military capability, which includes the Terminators used against individual human targets, and proceeds to fight a war against the surviving humanity — the Resistance. Skynet develops the ability to time travel and, along with the Resistance, seeks to use it to win the war by preventing or forestalling their present timeline.

The sci-fi action thriller “Terminator,” which starred Schwarzenegger and directed by James Cameron, was such a commercial success that it topped the American box office for two weeks and helped launch the film career of Cameron.  The title spawned a sequel, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” in 1991, also directed by Cameron, and was preceded by two more installments — “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” in 2003 and “Terminator Salvation” — in 2009 all of which are also box office hits. The franchise was so successful that a TV series was also produced, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” which aired on FOX, with Lena Headey as Sarah Connor and Thomas Dekker as John Connor.

By December 2013, Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures were developing a new “Terminator” TV series, now under the working title of “Terminator: Project Skynet.”

Paramount Pictures is set to release “Terminator: Genysis” on July 1, 2015. That’s it for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new “Terminator” movie. For more updates on upcoming movies, stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Bob Doran



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