Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Legend of Conan’ Will Take Place 30 Years After Original

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Legend of Conan’ Will Take Place 30 Years After Original

It seems that Sylvester Stallone’s successful portraying of long-thought-characters on big screen is helping his friends to do the same. The celebrated actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is all set to return in “Legend Of Conan,” and it seems like age is just another number for the world famous body builder and actor. Read on.

The Wrap reported that the “Legend Of Conan,” is being penned by Chris Morgan who is famous for writing films like, “Fast & Furious,” “Fast & Furious 6,” “47 Ronin” and “Furious 7.” He said that the film  will deeply follow the path of its prequel “Conan The Barbarian.”

Morgan, who is also the producer of “Legend Of Conan,” the film will be a “logical extension of the movie’s 1982 prequel.”

According to Morgan, “Legend Of Conan” will take after 30 years from the original events that set place in “Conan The Barbarian.” Fans of the world phenomena will see Conan in varied roles. Morgan also elaborated the film as, “Unforgiven” with a sword-wielding barbarian.

Schwarzenegger has already confirmed that he will be playing the lead role in “Legend Of Conan” but there is no official confirmation about the other stars if they are repressing their roles from “Conan The Barbarian.” If one follow the words that surfaced that internet then there are chances that Gerry Lopez will reprise his role as Subotai, Conan’s archer companion and James Earl Jones will be seen as Thulsa Doom, the evil sorcerer.

“Conan The Barbarian” was based on the pulp novel by Robert E. Howard. It boosted up Arnold’s character and made him the biggest action star on the planet. “Legend Of Conan” is currently set up at Universal Pictures and Morgan will produce the film along with Fredrik Malmberg.

There is no release date for the film but we are very excited to see 67-years-old Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of Conan.

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