‘Arrow’ Cast Dish Details on Season 4; The ‘Green Arrow’ Reveal; and the Darhk new Character

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Arrow’ Cast Dish Details on Season 4; The ‘Green Arrow’ Reveal; and the Darhk new Character
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Arrow | ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Finale Spoilers

Fans of the CW superhero show that “started it all” in recent television years, “Arrow” were in for treat after treat during the San Diego Comic-Con weekend, as more updates and spoilers regarding what to expect in the upcoming season were revealed. Aside from this, the title of the first episode of the season and a new character that will cross “Team Arrow’s” path was also revealed. WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for the upcoming fourth season. Read on only to learn more about what will be happening in “Arrow” Season 4.

During the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, TV Line’s Michael Ausiello managed to sit down with the cast and producer Wendy Mericle at TV Line’s Hard Rock Hotel interview suite. The “Arrow” cast and Mericle revealed several things that will be happening in season four.

Mericle confirmed that there will be indeed a time jump. She said that season four will open five months after the events of the third season finale.

Stephen Amell, who portrays Oliver Queen or the “Arrow” revealed that fans of “Olicity” will find the pair back in Starling City. On the other hand, Mericle and Emily Bett Rickards, who portrays Felicity Smoak, mentioned that little hints of where they had been and had gone to during their romantic trip together will be dropped and hinted throughout the season.

Amell also mentioned that he was excited to begin working with actor Neal McDonough, who, according to another TV Line report, will be playing the DC villain Damien Darhk. He is described as a rival of Ra’s Al Ghul, and who has his own “clandestine group,” which Team Arrow might go against during the season.

According to Mericle and the cast, during the TV Line interview with Ausiello, Darhk is a villain unlike the others that were seen on the show. It was said that Dahrk has no moral code whatsoever, and described him as “pure evil” and the “heart of darkness”.

Amell also revealed that the villain, who may or may not be the main antagonist for the season, will already be in Starling City during the season four premiere.

This will, turn, according to “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” actor John Barrowman, present a very interesting dilemma for Malcolm Merlyn, who is now the new head of the League of Assassins. He says that his character will now have to pick between helping Team Arrow against Darhk. He will be also taking on the duties and challenges that will beset him as the new Ra’s Al Ghul.

Also, right at the start of the San Diego Comic-Con, show creator and executive producer Marc Guggenheim took to Twitter to announce the title of the first episode of the season- “Green Arrow.” This surprising reveal made fans realize and speculate that Oliver Queen will finally call himself as such, thus making him the DC superhero that he was supposed to become.

In addition to this, during the TV Line interview, Barrownman and actor Paul Blackthorne, who plays Captain Quentin Lance, mentioned that fans should watch out for the final scene of the very first episode. He said that its shocking ending will haunt the characters and fans for the rest of the season.

What do you think of the episode title of the first episode of the season? Is Oliver Queen finally the Green Arrow? What do you think will happen at the end of the first episode that will continue to haunt the rest of the season as hinted? What do you think of Neal McDonough’s Damien Darhk? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And those were the latest spoilers and updates on the upcoming fourth season of the CW’s “Arrow”. For more news, updates, spoilers and recaps of “Arrow” and other television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch “Arrow” when it returns on the CW on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, at 8:00 p.m

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