Arrow Recap 3×12: Uprising

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Arrow Recap 3×12: Uprising

Arrow” Season 3 Episode 12 “Uprising” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on The CW. Team Arrow holds their end of protecting their city by retaking the Glades while Oliver journeys his way back home.

“Uprising” started with Oliver (Stephen Amell) packing his bags and leaving Tatsu’s (Rila Fukushima) cottage. She protests against his wishes to take the journey back to Starling City with his current condition. Despite such, he strongly feels that he is needed back home. Instead of following her, he invites her to come with him, but she resolves in staying and wishes him well.

Back at home, Lauren (Katie Cassidy) and Roy (Colton Haynes) fight Brickwell’s (Vinnie Jones) goons in wrecking havoc all over the Glades that was evacuated with police force. With the police force unable to do anything, the two masked heroes do their best in restoring what they could with what they have. They left the bar in a motorcycle, and Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) catches a glimpse of Lauren sporting the Canary’s costume and believed her to be Sara (Caity Lotz).

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) converse on the status of the Glades, and he offers his help by giving them leads on Brickwell’ by providing them classified information about his previous cases.

With the chaos going on at the Glades, Thea (Willa Holland) and Merlyn (John Barrownman) intensely spar as they continue to train for Ra’s al Ghul’s (Matt Nable) impending visit. Merlyn makes it a point that when the moment comes Thea needs to kill any League of Assassin member she faces, emphasizing how hesitation will lead to her death. Thea then resigns that she did not sign up for this kind of kill or be killed situation, and Merlyn tells her the story of what happened 21 years ago when his wife died.

Roy, aka Arsenal, met with Captain Lance to collect the information packet about Brickwell. Lance then addresses Roy by his name, stating that he knew it was him all along. Roy then cuts the effects-ridden voice and answers to the Starling City police captain honestly. He promises to take it to Felicity when Captain Lance asks any update about their “green hooded friend” and about Sara coming back and he answers heavily that Arrow is still unavailable, and he’ll let Sara know.

Taking all the information back to Team Arrow HQ, Felicity, Diggle (Derek Ramsey), Lauren and Roy sift through the papers detailing his previous criminal counts, and they found out that it was Brickwell who killed Merlyn’s wife with his priced gun. Unbeknownst to them, Merlyn is tapped on to their system and is listening and watching them on the other side.

Oliver continues his painful journey home and realizes Tatsu has been following him all along. They stopped so she could tend to his wound, and she gives him the suggestion that only a student would know how to kill his master.

Merlyn prepares himself to deliver his act of revenge. He explains his principles to Thea, and even if she disagrees with him, he continues on with his pursuit of setting things right in his own terms.

Team Arrow continues their search in pinpointing Brickwell’s current location find out that he’s in the police precinct. Arsenal and Lauren take off to confront him when they encounter a difficult moment when Merlyn comes to their rescue. He then makes a proposition to work together.

The team convenes on whether or not they would take him up on his offer. Roy makes a point that they need him, but Felicity makes her stand that Merlyn’s ways are just too wrong. They came to a decision to refuse him, and they rally the citizens of the Glades to stand up against Brickwell and his men to retake their neighborhood.

Oliver finally reaches the boarder, and he parted ways with Tatsu. He invites her once more to come with her, but she once again declines as she did not wish to see him die. He assures her that he will not be meeting his maker the next time he meets with the League of Assassins leader. She then responds that he may do so but with a great sacrifice.

The collision between the people of the Glades and Team Arrow against Brickwell and his men take place. Ted (J. R. Ramirez) joins as Wildcat, and he faces Brickwell in the middle of the fighting crowd. Ted gets beaten and was about to breathe his final breath when Arsenal hits Brickwell and stops him. Lauren then rushes over to his aid. It’s here that Sin was about to approach her thinking she was Sara, but she later realizes that the woman wearing the Canary costume is not Sara at all.

Merlyn manages to corner Brick, and just when he’s about to pull the trigger of the same gun that killed his wife, Arrow comes and dissuades him of his pursuit of revenge for Thea’s sake. Merlyn then resigns and lets the police force handle him. As the fights came to an end, the Arrow makes the public announcement that he will no longer be leaving the city, and he commends the people of the Glades for not failing the city.

The uprising ends and Sin approaches Captain Lance about where the true Sara is, stating that it wasn’t Sara wearing the Canary’s costume. Arrow returns as Oliver to Thea and comes into good terms with Merlyn, implying that he wishes to be trained by a student of Ra’s al Ghul so he could defeat him. He then returns to his team, and they all welcome him. He then explains his plans of working together with Merlyn, and it is here that Felicity reaches her boiling point, saying she doesn’t want to be a woman who Oliver loves.

Could this really be the end of Oliver and Felicity’s romance? Is this what Tatsu meant when she talked about great sacrifices for Oliver before he defeats Ra’s al Ghul? Will Captain Lance finally find out about the reality of Sara’s whereabouts?

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