Arrow Season 3 Midseason Finale Recap: Is It the End for Arrow?

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Arrow Season 3 Midseason Finale Recap: Is It the End for Arrow?
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Things are starting to get tense and deadly in the new episode of "Arrow" Season 3 Midseason Finale "The Climb," which aired last Dec. 10, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW. In this episode, have the shock of the season when Oliver faces Ra's al Ghul in a deadly battle. Read on to know the surprising outcome.

The episode kicks off with Oliver climbing a snowy mountain. It is mysterious if it is flashback or not.

Arrow hands another captured criminal to Quentin Lancey just outside his station. Right after Quentin leaves, mysterious fighters suddenly appear. Arrow, eventually, is captured and gets knocked out unconscious by a mysterious person.

Oliver becomes conscious again without his mask in front of Nyssa. Her father is disappointed that Sara's killer is still missing. He gave Oliver a chance but focused more on protecting Starling City. Oliver finally exhausted The Demon's patience. As an order, Nyssa gives Oliver 48 hours to bring Sara's murderer. If he fails, the League of Assassins will kill people from Starling City. The one who will do the purge is Sarab, who turns out to be his former partner, Maseo.

In the headquarters, Oliver tells everyone he only has 48 hours to hand the killer. He feels hopeless because he runs out of ideas.

Oliver is shown climbing the mountain again. He almost fell.

Felicity finds out the DNA on the arrows that killed Sara matches Oliver. Oliver quickly thinks of Malcolm who is the only one capable of setting him up. He wants to track Malcolm. A little while longer, Felicity also finds out that Malcolm's plane landed the night before Sara was murdered.

Arrow and Arsenal ambushed a guy who flew the plane Malcolm used. He gives them a flashdrive that holds the security footage. Back in the Arrow Cave, Oliver feels uneasy when everyone sees Thea going down the plane.

Diggle tries to connect the dots by saying maybe the DNA is Thea's. After all, she and Oliver are siblings. Oliver does not like idea because Diggle is suggesting Thea killed Sara. He just cannot see the reason why she would do it. Felicity tells him Malcolm is her father. Oliver is still in denial. He insists Malcolm put his DNA on the arrows.

Oliver visits Thea. He asks why is Thea with Malcolm. Thea tells him she is just getting to know her father. She also denies Oliver's question if she was with Malcolm in the plane that landed on Starling City. She should have called him as soon as she arrived if it is true.

Nyssa reminds Ra's that it is almost time. Ra's is disappointed that his threats must be empty for Oliver. He starts ordering the league to kill people.

Oliver visits Thea again, but this time, he is Arrow. Thea runs away, saying he should stay away from her and Malcolm.

Malcolm meets Oliver after Thea saying Arrow attacked her. Oliver attacks Malcolm by strangling him. Malcolm tells him to check his phone. Oliver sees a video of Thea killing Sara with arrows. Malcolm tells Oliver, who is in great disbelief, that he used a plant to control Thea's mind temporarily, making her forget some actions she have done. He threatens Oliver that the league will kill Thea if they will find out. He clearly sets it up. However, he believes he gave Oliver an "incentive." Oliver must tell Ra's he killed Sara. Everything will go back to normal if Oliver kills Ra's in a trial by combat.

Oliver goes to the league. He pretends he killed Sara. Nyssa does not believe for why would he kill a woman he loves. Oliver challenges Ra's in a trial by combat. Ra's tells him it is the second time a man challenges him after 67 years. He accepts it.

Oliver finally is on the top of the mountain.

Turns out, Sarab hands him the location of the combat. He still cannot believe Oliver would kill Sara. The answer to the mountain climbing scenes is finally revealed when Oliver says to Sarab, "See you on the mountain."

Oliver visits Thea for the last time, saying Malcolm does not love her. He hugs her and says he loves her no matter what. He also says goodbye in the headquarters. Everyone leaves except Felicity and Oliver. She is afraid Oliver will lose because of his humanity. Oliver promises to return, kisses her on the forehead and says he loves her before he leaves.

On the mountain, Oliver prepares for battle. Ra's and Oliver are both shirtless despite the snow. Their intense sword battle finally starts.

Suddenly, Oliver is in danger. Ra's brings him near the edge with a sword near his neck. Oliver counterattacks and successfully takes Ra's sword out his hand. Oliver attempts to stab Ra's, but Ra's stops the blade with his bare hand. Ra's quickly hits Oliver's neck that makes him scream with pain. He takes Oliver's sword and slashes Oliver's side.

Ra's finally stabs Oliver way through his chest. He cites a prayer while waiting for Oliver to die. Oliver has a flashback of memories before Ra's kicks him off the cliff.

Does Arrow's journey finally end? Catch the next episode on Dec. 17, 2014.

There you have it for the recap on "Arrow" Mid-season Finale "The Climb," which aired last Dec. 10, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW. For more updates on this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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