‘Arrow’ Season 4:A John Diggle In Costume Gets Some Netizen Flak, The CW Pres. Says ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Will Be Their Last For Now

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘Arrow’ Season 4:A  John Diggle In Costume Gets Some Netizen Flak, The CW Pres. Says ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Will Be Their Last For Now

John Diggle, the ex-military character originally created for the “Arrow” is finally getting his own set of clothes.

The superhero tv series showing on The CW recently shared David Ramsey’s all-black leather garb matched with a black helmet that barely shows his face.  Somehow Ramsey’s upgrade in the costume department has gotten some ambivalent response from netizens, some believe that it’s a rip-off from another supervillain, others though remained constructive. Read below for the remarks from DC Comics website.

Jasbir ‘Jaz’ Singh and Rafi Hasan were direct to the point with, “Omg he’s Magneto lol” and “Idk about others but this looks silly…”.

Ethan Adam Shearman was playing safe in the middle with,”I like it although not very practical for how Dig likes to fight”.

While Brian Rossi defended the “Arrow” fort with, “this hating on arrow after season 3 is more of a bandwagon than “blindly following the show”.

It was observed that since Team Arrow were well-known for their “green hoods, red masks and katanas”, it’s pleasant to set eyes on Diggle wearing all-black.

In related news, as reported by this website, Matt Ryan of the recently defunct black-arts supernatural tv show “Constantine” in NBC will extend his magical powers in a guest appearance in “Arrow”. Ryan who plays the titular smart-aleck Constantine will be featured in the aptly titled “Haunted”, the fifth episode of Season 4.

Meanwhile, with all the influx of DC superheroes recently on the small screen, The CW president Mark Pedowitz drew a line that their network will be putting a grinding halt to the appearances of costumed crime fighters adopted from the pages of comic books. Pedowitz was quoted in Comic Book Movie, “that there will not be a new DC Comics show added to the network anytime soon” with the recent “Legends of Tomorrow” stamping that note.

“Arrow” premieres on Wednesday, October 7.

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Photo Source:Facebook/Arrow

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