‘Arrow’ Spoilers: It’s All About the Tattoo

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Arrow’ Spoilers: It’s All About the Tattoo

Audiences and viewers, by now, have already become accustomed to making sure that their eyes are always peeled, just in case a little detail that was added here or there has bearing in future episodes, and to see if there are any “easter eggs,” which connect the comic book adaptation to the source material. However, this time around, fans and viewers of “Arrow” knew that Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) tattoos were important, especially with the tattoo that John Constantine (Matt Ryan) gave him after the two met up on Lian Yu. However, finally, fans and viewers were given a little hint as to what purpose that particular tattoo will serve. WARNING: This article might contain spoilers for an upcoming episode of “Arrow.”

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), at the start of the fourth season, did say that he had some of his tattoos removed, such as the dragon tattoo that he sported in memory of Shado (Celina Jade), as he didn’t need it anymore.


However, one of the tattoos that he opted to keep was a tattoo that was given to him,while he was infiltrating Baron Reiter’s (Jimmy Akingbola) camp on Lian Yu, by none other than John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

This tattoo has been talked about recently, as it was hinted that it will come into play in future episodes.

Many have speculated that this might prove to be helpful in the fight against Damien Dahrk (Neal McDonough), but according to executive producer Wendy Merricle, who recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly’s Spoiler Room, fans and viewers should remember the fact that Constantine gave Oliver the tattoo as “insurance against Reiter,” as Reiter is clearly interested in the magic that Lian Yu has to offer.

Aside from this, Merricle hinted that the tattoo will help him while he is in a “dark place,” and hinted that most of the tattoos usefulness will be used in the flashback scenes.


However, as Oliver still has the tattoo until now, it might help him out in the future, maybe as a booster of some sorts, as it is clear that Oliver has learned a thing or two from his stay on the island, while dealing with mysticism and magic, especially as he had managed to escape Dahrk’s clutches last time during a fight with him.

How do you think the tattoo John Constantine gave Oliver will help him out on Lian Yu? Do you think it’ll still have some use in the present? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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