The Arsenio Hall Show Cancelled After One Season

By April Lara | 4 years ago
The Arsenio Hall Show Cancelled After One Season
Arsenio Hall Date 18 January 2008, 19:46 Source Harlem Globetrotters Show Author Bob n’ Renee/Wikimedia Commons

The cancellation of “The Arsenio Hall Show” came in as a shocker to fans out there. This was such a huge surprise because last February 2014, we even saw Jay Leno announce that the show was renewed for its second season only to be cancelled by CBS this week.  But, it looks like Leno spoke too soon or there was a sudden change of plans.

According to TV Line, “The Arsenio Hall Show” has been cancelled after one season. According to a statement from CBS Television Distribution, which was published on the Los Angeles Times, despite Arsenio’s undeniable talent, “The Arsenio Hall Show” will not be extended for a second season.

“Unfortunately, ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ will not return for a second season; while there are many loyal fans of the show, the series did not grow its audience enough to continue,” said CBS Television Distribution in the LA Times report.

“Arsenio is a tremendous talent and we’d like to thank him for all the hard work and energy he put into the show. We’d also like to thank Tribune and all out station group partners for the support of the show,” added CBS.

Hall has something to say as well about his show being cancelled after one season.

“When I started this adventure with CTD and Tribute, we all knew it would be a challenge – I’m gratified for the year we’ve had and proud of the show we created. I’d like to thank everyone on my staff for rallying around me and striving to make the best show possible each night,” said Hall in a statement published on Black America Web.

Hall also tweeted about the sad news.

“The Arsenio Hall Show” debuted last November 2013. Indeed, it was such a surprise that the show got cancelled after one season only.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Bob n’ Renee


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