Art Garfunkel: Paul Simon Has Become a ‘Monster’

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Art Garfunkel: Paul Simon Has Become a ‘Monster’

It was back in 1971 when Simon & Garfunkel split up but it seems like, Art Garfunkel is still bitter about the way his partner Paul Simon left him. Read on.In an interview with

In an interview with Telegraph, the 73-year-old American singer describes his partner as an idiot and a jerk for walking away from a group. Later in the interview, Garfunkel has openly said that, he has created a monster.

Garfunkel described that he always found it very strange that just after realising their blockbuster album “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” Simon walked away from the band.

“It was very strange. Nothing I would have done. I want to open up about this. I don’t want to say any anti-Paul Simon things, but it seems very perverse to not enjoy the glory and walk away from it instead. Crazy. What I would have done is take a rest from Paul, because he was getting on my nerves. The jokes had run dry,” said Garfunkel.

After adding that in 1971, he thought that if he and Simon takes a break for a year and then return then there were chances that they would have made some excellent music.

The Grammy  Award winners started off as school friends. After breaking up from the band, Simon went solo and made some beautiful songs. Garfunkel got remarried, moved to Connecticut with his new wife and started to teach mathematics to a preparatory school.

Since the breakup of Simon & Garfunkel in 1971, the couple has performed together for few times, last appearing together in 2010,

There is a great news fo the band’s fans as Garfunkel has also said that there are chances that he will perform live with Simon.

“Why not, while we’re still alive,” Garfunkel said when in the interviewer asked him about again performing with Simon.

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