‘Ascension’ Releases Featurette [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘Ascension’ Releases Featurette [WATCH VIDEO]
Tricia Helfer at the Supernova Pop Culture Expo Hits Sydney, Australia 2012. June 16, 2012. Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi.

SyFy has released a new teaser to their upcoming event series "Ascension." The show will air for two hours in three nights straight, specifically on Dec. 15-17, 2014. Read on for more details about the latest from this mini-series.

The three-minute featurette, whose video is found below, provides a look into what viewers can expect from the series. It roughly shows the gist of the story of “Ascension,” with some of the stars giving their insights.

A top secret space program launched in the 1960s, the Ascension is actually a space craft that sent about 70 people into the atmosphere.  Many of its passengers are scientists who came aboard with their families. Their mission: to find a new habitable planet from which humanity may live on, as the leaders back home have been alarmed of the Earth’s condition.

The space travel was estimated to take 100 years, with the space craft becoming an actual time capsule. Thus, Ascension would become the world these people lived, with some actually born on the ship having no knowledge nor experience of what Earth is like.

Fifty years into their journey, however, a murder happened on the Ascension. It was the very first to ever take place in this world and in space. The murder brought upon a lot of questions, mostly from the crew who worked below the deck. Those on the upper deck, however, still controlled the course of the mission, even as some thought that the ship should now turn back and return to the motherland.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the truth is revealed to the son of one of the pioneers of the mission, who told him that this mission is the biggest secret the world should know.

The stars of the series said that “Ascension” is really a true-blue science fiction story that puts into light many issues including morality. The series is headlined by Andrea Roth as Juliet Bryce, Brandon P. Bell as Oren Gault, Brian Van Holt as William Denninger, Gil Bellows as Harris Enzmann, Jacqueline Byers as Nora Bryce, P.J. Boudousque as James Toback, Ryan Robbins as Duke Vanderhaus, Tiffany Lonsdale as Emily Vanderhaus, Tricia Helfer as Viondra Denninger and Wendy Crewson as Martha Warren. It was created by Philip Levens with Brett Burlock, Ivan Fecan, Jason Blum and Tim Gamble as executive producers.

Check out the featurette to “Ascension” in the video below and catch the show’s limited run on Dec. 15-17, 2014 on SyFy. For more entertainment news, stay tuned to Movie News Guide (MNG).

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi

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