5SOS Drummer Ashton Irwin Speaks About Depression, Loneliness And How Their New Album Was Named

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
5SOS Drummer Ashton Irwin Speaks About Depression, Loneliness And How Their New Album Was Named
5 Sounds Of Summer have come up with their second album named as Sounds Good Feels Good. The members of the band recall their distinct past as they get into making album. They talk about depression, love and other emotions in their album.

“5 Seconds of Summer” have recently showcased a new concert in their “Rock With Your Socks Out” and topped it with a gig in Detroit. Just like they have done every time in the past, the crowd was delighted by their appearance as they saw another epic performance from the stars.

According to unrealitytv.co.uk, drummer Aston Irwin talked about their new album “Sounds Good Feel Good” to Billboard, as to what inspired them to come up with this video. Talking about the groups’ second album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’, Irwin went on to say that their second album is something different from their first offering. He says their second album is really close to their heart and they became really emotional while making this album.

Ashton claims that he got emotional while doing this album and that the songs written have relation with personal life. His band mates Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Luke Heming are also of the same view.

The band has talked about their childhood and even about the divorce of their parents. They also touched other aspects of life such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, heartbreak and love. It is later revealed by Ashton and his band mates that all these things matter to them a lot and they claim that this entire album is something that is really personal to them.

In order not to lose momentum all the band members decided to stay together for the time they were writing the songs. Michael said that things are really diverse. And it looks like that the current name was given to the album after it is heard in full for the first time. “Sounds Good Feels Good” contains the entire meaning of the album and it is for this reason that it was chosen as the title.

According to sugarscape.com, Luke has described it as a badass and something that reminds people of the 80s Motley Crue title. The band is pretty excited to see how their album performs and how people view it. They hope people will correlate it with their own story.

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