‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ Cast Update: Georgina Wilson’s Emotional Journey as Host and Mentor

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ Cast Update: Georgina Wilson’s Emotional Journey as Host and Mentor

Now that “Asia’s Next Top Model” (AsNTM) Season/Cycle 3 is almost over, Georgina Wilson started to recall how tough and amazing it is to be the show’s host. Read on for details.

Wilson told GMA News that she is thankful to be part of “AsNTM.” She is amazed how her 10-year experience in the industry helped the show’s contestants. She eventually realized how much she has learned through the years.

The British-Filipino model felt the struggles of the amateur models in the competition. She revealed that the contestants were in photo shoots and challenges almost everyday. She admitted that she would not last long if she was one of the “AsNTM” contestants, no matter how experienced she is.

“There are stuff that I learn maybe five years down the line that they had to learn right then and there, in 13 weeks. They literally had to learn everything that I’ve learned in 10 years,” Wilson told GMA News.

Wilson admitted the struggle of being a friend and a mentor to the contestants. It became difficult for her to tell a contestant that she is eliminated. Behind the scenes, she cries everytime a model says goodbye.

Despite her sweet side, Wilson was considered a “diva” by some people in the showbiz world. Inquirer Lifestyle interviewed her former talent manager, Shirley Kuan, claiming that a popular fashion magazine just banned Wilson for future projects.

Aside from Kuan, a couple of magazine editors shared their thoughts on Wilson. One of them described Wilson as “nice, sweet and friendly to everyone.” It was when Wilson was just starting as an amateur model. She was eager to learn and was helpful in the production. However, she allegedly changed into an insensitive diva who is always late.

“AsNTM” Season/Cycle 3 airs every Wednesday at 8:45 p.m. on Star World.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Star World

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