‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ Cast Update: Showbiz People Claim Georgina Wilson Is a Diva

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ Cast Update: Showbiz People Claim Georgina Wilson Is a Diva

More revelations surfaced about the alleged bad side of “Asia’s Next Top Model” (AsNTM) host Georgina Wilson. Turns out, not only her former talent manager, Shirley Kuan, had bad experiences with her in the industry. Read on for details.

Wilson was considered a “diva” by some people in the showbiz world. Inquirer Lifestyle interviewed Kuan via phone for updates regarding Wilson’s case. Kuan claimed that a popular fashion magazine just banned Wilson for future projects.

Aside from Kuan, a couple of magazine editors shared their thoughts on Wilson. One of them described Wilson as “nice, sweet and friendly to everyone.” It was when she was just starting as an amateur model. She was eager to learn and helpful in the production.

“She’d even ask what to bring to shoots, she’d ask for pointers,” the editor told Lifestyle.

However, the magazine editor claimed that Wilson became a “super diva.” She did it by arriving late and forcing her authority in choosing the photos, which is supposedly the editor’s job.

The other magazine editor added that some photographers had no choice but to let Wilson choose the photos. After all, Wilson was the reason they were hired. The editor continued to describe Wilson as “difficult” to work with because of her big head.

Being an “AsNTM” star, Wilson is also facing allegations regarding her bad behavior as a host. An insider claimed that Wilson is not in good terms with the production team from Singapore. Wilson is said to be meddling with the script and arriving late for hours just to “sweet-talk her way out.” The unnamed source also claimed that Wilson wakes up late most of the time.

The insider also shared that Wilson almost cried in a meeting after being warned by the producers after a sponsor backed out.

“I believe it was after the salon sponsor walked out because Georgina hired her own hairstylist,” the source claimed.

Recently, Wilson is rumored to snub a private party prepared by a magazine editor to honor her.

Wilson has no comment yet ever since Kuan’s announcement of dropping her as a talent.

“AsNTM” Season/Cycle 3 airs every Wednesday at 8:45 p.m. on Star World.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Star World

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