‘Ask Better Questions’ Called for Female Celebrities [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
‘Ask Better Questions’ Called for Female Celebrities [WATCH VIDEO]
Actress Cate Blanchett at the 2011 Sydney Film Festival.

Awards season is upon Hollywood again. Female celebrities, most especially, are always barraged with questions about their gowns, beauty secrets, etc. But the website Upworthy made a cute supercut with the goal that people reporting from the red carpet would have better questions prepared.

On the video, actresses have various reactions to some inane questions thrown at them. Some of them have challenged this poor choice of journalistic style. On one scene, Anne Hathaway took the question out of the reporter’s mouth and asked if he was going to ask if she went to a diet. Cate Blanchett, in 2014, made a scene when she bent down on the red carpet to illustrate how cameramen and their networks focus on the female celebrities’ bodies instead of their faces.

One of the hosts of these year’s Golden Globe Awards, Amy Poehler, took to social media and started the hashtag #AskBetterQuestions on Twitter. She urged Twitter users to suggest other questions aside from the superficial ones being asked.

Lena Dunham talked about getting a lot of flak for her outfits last year. She mentioned about noticing that there has been an invisible competition between an actress’ bodies of work and her appearance on the red carpet. She also added that it has come to a point where there are already female celebrities who would choose winning best dressed than an acting trophy.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Paul Cush


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