Ask Beyonce for love advice: ‘Please Help Me Beyonce’

By admin | 4 years ago

Anna Rose Kerr, an Auckland advertising creative now based in London, created a song generator ‘Please Help Me Beyonce,’ which offers advice to the lovesick through Beyonce songs. The Kiwi-designed website has almost doubled in popularity overnight after it caught the global media attention.

Those seeking relationship advice from Queen Bey have to answer two simple questions: “How are you feeling?” & “What’s he done now?” Select the answer for each question from a dropdown menu, and the website will then present you with the music video of the song that best speaks to your situation.

Ms. Kerr, who is a die hard fan of Beyonce, started the the site in May after she came across a similar generator featuring the songs of rapper Ja Rule. She adapted the code from that site and had the Beyonce one up and running within a few hours.

Kerr is quite impressed by Bey’s ability to appeal to the single ones and those crazy in love alike. “She has a varied range of songs about different boy problems…Whenever my friends have problems I always tell them which Beyonce song to listen to,” the 25-year-old Kerr said.

The quirky website has featured on TIME, Glamour, and the Huffington Post in the last couple of days. Facebook likes for ‘Please Help Me Beyonce’ page have also doubled overnight to over 30k.

The ad-free website currently contains around 30 songs and embeds the videos directly from music video streaming service Vevo. Kerr is looking forward to updating the website with more of Queen Bey’s hits before the singer (or, more likely, her people) may consider it a breach of copyright and ask Kerr to take the site down.

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