Assault Case Taken Back Against Chris Brown

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Assault Case Taken Back Against Chris Brown

Australian ways might not be clear for Chris Brown, but the singer must have taken a sigh of relief after dropping out of an old assault case. Read more to know about this case and the reason why the complainer took her complaint back? Read on.

Earlier this month, a woman filed a complaint against “Don’t Judge Me Singer.” The whole story revolves the time when a woman who was thrown off Brown’s bus for not following rules and regulation of the camp. Guess what the rule was not using a cell phone while on the tour.

Although Brown was not named directly in the case but police wanted to talk to a person of interest regarding the complaint. The whole case angered the loyal singer and traces of it could be clearly seen on social networking site, twitter where he wrote, “Funny how my name comes up in an investigation with no video evidence but the cops have a full video of n*ggas breaking in to my house. Let’s shine the light on real f*cking criminals. People looking for a come up. Hilarious!”(via Gossipcop)

But for now everything has been sorted out as the woman has withdrawn her complaint and investigators have also given green signal to Brown as no proofs were found after quizzing eyewitnesses.

The news is just like a raindrop in the desert for Brown after being denied to enter in Australia.

Few days back Brown’s visa request was denied because of being accused to assault pop star Rihanna during the pre-Grammy Awards party on Feb. 8, 2009 when Rihanna found sex text  messages in the phone of Brown  sent by his manager Tina Davis. Brown was even sent  for on probation which ended up last year.

Keeping his criminal record in focus Australian ministry defined  Chris Brown request to issue a visa (maybe this inactive case works in his favor).

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