Astronauts Wives Club Keeps Their Fans Waiting Longer Again

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago
Astronauts Wives Club Keeps Their Fans Waiting Longer Again

New South Wales, Australia – The much anticipated ABC show entitled Astronauts Wives Club will keep their fans waiting again as the telecast will be delayed for a couple of months more.

ABC mentioned that it will premier this June 2014. However, they are having problems regarding casting so they will move it some later time this year. Speculations even say that they will max it out until 2015 if there is a need be.

They are exhausting everything they can to come up with a flawless cast. A show can really be determined by the actors who play the roles. For this TV series to create an impact, they should also get someone who has a deep passion for science because being an astronaut, even just on screen, will not be easy without a scientific background.

The Story Behind the Astronauts Wives Club

This soon-to-be TV series is about the women behind the different voyages to the moon. It is concentrated on the race created by the Americans to the moon. It features the struggles of Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury in their quest to land on the moon.

They are still finalizing the scripts of the actors, too. The Astronauts Wives Club is based on the lives of real people. They cannot just throw in artistic lines to make people cry or laugh. They will have to clear things out with the families involved, as well.

The Technicalities and How Far It Has Gone

From the looks of it, the people behind the production of the Astronauts Wives Club will really need more time to finish what they have started. They still have tons of work to do unless they deploy more people to do the job.

The contract says that they will have to run 10 episodes in its first season, but until now, not everything is finalized. They only have five solid names to include in the cast. It is better to delay it now than get a huge flop during its premiere.

If you will come to look at it, Astronauts Wives Club is a pretty unique idea. Involving science and drama is something that is always looked forward to by a lot of viewers. ABC is too careful that they will ruin the entire idea so they take their time.

Are the fans willing to wait much longer? An even more important question is, is it worth the wait?

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