‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 75 Spoiler Predictions: Beast Titan Turned Humans To Titans, Battle of Coordinates Imminent?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Predictions for “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 have said Beast Titan possessed the power to turn humans into mindless Titans. Will the Survey Corps find this out? How will they counter this? Read on to find out more.

The powers that the Beast Titan have is still a mystery and, so far, the only thing known about him is he had the ability to speak, control other mindless Titans, and possess greater strength than Reiner Braun (Armored Titan) and Bertolt Hoover (Colossal Titan).

It was a surprise for readers of the manga after seeing the Beast Titan suddenly appearing inside a smoke with a battalion of mindless Titans in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 74 “Mission Objectives.” And most fans believed the Beast Titan could possibly turn the mindless Titans back to humans and then to Titans again, which might be the reason for the smoke.

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‘DrFabulous0’ at Manga Helpers believed the Beast Titan could change “humans and Titans both ways,” which allegedly explained why there were no humans in the Shiganshina District when the Survey Corps arrived.

As shown in the previous chapter, the Beast Titan along with the mindless Titans have placed the Survey Corps in a grave situation. However, ‘Zibi234’ thought Eren Yeager (Titan Shifter) would counter the attack through controlling some, if not all, of the mindless Titans in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75.

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Hence, a scenario of the battle of controlling Titans might occur. ‘kkck’ said if Eren could pull off controlling more mindless Titans than the Beast Titan, the situation would become favorable for the Survey Corps.

While this could be possible, there were others who concluded Eren will have to face Reiner first in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75. So if Eren has to fight Reiner, he might stand a chance in winning through his new hardening skill.

Meanwhile, others were intrigued on Bertolt’s absence in the previous chapter, which seemed to imply that the trap is yet to be fully executed. However, Erwin Smith also seemed to have something up his sleeves as his confidence in the Chapter 74 spelled something like a counterattack.

There were previous predictions that said an important character will die. Who will it be? Will it happen in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75?

The hype is definitely rising. But for now, fans are reminded to take predictions for “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 with a grain of salt.

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