‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 75 Spoiler Predictions: Bertolt, Reiner To Capture Eren For Fear Of Being Disposed?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 75 Spoiler Predictions: Bertolt, Reiner To Capture Eren For Fear Of Being Disposed?
Recent predictions about “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 have said Erwin looked like the next major character to die.

Recent predictions for “Attack on Titan” chapter 75 have said Reiner and Bertolt would go all out in capturing Eren for fear of being killed if they fail. Read on to know how possible this is.

Reiner Braun (Armored Titan), Bertolt Hoover (Colossal Titan), and Annie Leonhart (Female Titan) have one common goal: To capture Survey Corps Eren Yeager, who possessed the power of the Coordinate.

For those who are new to reading the manga, one of the Coordinate’s powers is to control Mindless Titans to do whatever the Coordinate wants.

This ability was previewed in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 50 “Cry,” where Eren Yeager protected his childhood friend, Survey Corps Mikasa Ackerman, by surprisingly controlling all the Mindless Titans.

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Various fans believed there might be some reason why Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart were adamant on capturing Eren.

‘Eigengaru’ at Manga Helpers thought the three Shifters were forced to do it for fear of being eaten or killed and have their powers transferred to other Shifters in their Homeland if they fail to get Eren.

Therefore, they might go all out in “Attack on Titan” chapter 75.

‘Eigengaru’ went on to say this cycle “makes sense” given that they call themselves warriors. This might also be the reason why Annie Leonhart crystallized herself because of the impeding punishment she was to receive, besides expecting the Survey Corps or the humans to kill or conduct experiments to her.

Meanwhile, ‘DustyBones’ noted on the Titan Shifters’ reason why they want to capture Eren Yeager. ‘DustyBones’ believed perhaps the Reiss family originally stole the power of the Coordinate from the Titan Shifters a hundred years ago, which allegedly explained why Reiner and Bertolt attacked Wall Maria at the Shiganshina District.

‘DarkLordOfKicihiku’ also agreed and believed that the Reiss family might be defectors from the Titan Shifters’ organization and used the Coordinate’s power to form their own kingdom.

As plausible as these “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 predictions seemed to be, these are still bound to fail. Therefore, readers are reminded to take these with a grain of salt.

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