‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 75 Spoiler Predictions: Levi, Mikasa To Become Titan Shifters Through Injecting Titan Serum?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 75 Spoiler Predictions: Levi, Mikasa To Become Titan Shifters Through Injecting Titan Serum?
Recent predictions about “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 have said Erwin looked like the next major character to die.

Predictions for “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 have said either Levi, Mikasa, Erwin, or Connie might turn into a Shifter. But is it the right time to use the Titan serum? Read on to know more.

Someone is definitely going to use the Titan serum.

This was what fans of the hugely successful manga series were expecting to happen in the upcoming chapter. And readers have said Survey Corpse Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, the deep-thinking Erwin Smith, or Connie Springer might use the Titan serum to change the tide of the battle.

‘Holt’ at Manga Helpers believed the situation calls for another Shifter since the Survey Corpse are about to face Reiner Braun (Armored Titan), Bertolt Hoover (Colossal Titan), the Beast Titan, and the battalion of Mindless Titans in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75.

‘seadrag0n’ predicted Erwin Smith is going to inject the Titan serum as a way to turn the situation in their favor. Additionally, Erwin could reportedly use it to grow his arm back.

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“Attack on Titan” Chapter 75: Levi or Mikasa To Become Shifter? Connie Candidate Too?

The Ackermans were also pointed out as the candidates to inject the Titan serum, which ‘kaanazuki’ revealed the translation of the serum’s label as “Normal Titan.”

‘Eigengaru’ added another interpretation of the label and it was said to be “Strongest Titan.” Along with the others, ‘Eigengaru’ believed the meaning of the label best fits Levi Ackerman due to him being considered as “humanity’s strongest fighter;” hence, Levi might use the Titan serum in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75.

But for the record, the Ackermans were widely known to be strong individuals. So, ‘Eigengaru’ believed Mikasa Ackerman might also inject the Titan serum, if not Levi.

Further, it was thought the Ackermans could control themselves from going berserk because of their immunity from being brainwashed.

But whoever it is going to be, an Ackerman with a Titan power is no doubt a game changer.

‘Eigengaru’ also noted Connie Springer as a likely candidate to be the next Shifter due to the fact of wanting revenge. However, the effect of the Titan serum might prove too much for him.

But who knows Connie might control the Titan power in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75.

However, ‘Haze’ believed using the Titan serum in a battle might be a disadvantage since anyone could possibly become berserk. Instead, ‘Haze’ thought the Survey Corps might use it after the battle.

But will they survive the battle? Obviously, humanity’s brave warriors were not only outnumbered and outsized, but also overpowered: A battalion of Titans (with three powerful Shifters) versus a battalion of Survey Corps with only one Shifter is a one-sided war.

To win this fight, a game changer is definitely needed. But more than that, here’s to hoping no major character dies.

For the meantime, readers are reminded to take “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 predictions with a grain of salt.

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