‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 75 Spoiler Predictions: Survey Corps Using New Weapon Crystallized Spears To Kill Enemies?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 75 Spoiler Predictions: Survey Corps Using New Weapon Crystallized Spears To Kill Enemies?
Recent predictions about “Attack on Titan” chapter 77 have said Erwin looked like the next major character to die.

Predictions for “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 recently ventured on Erwin’s trump card that he is set to use against the enemies. Is it something about using a crystallized spear? Read on to find out more what it is.

It seemed Survey Corps Erwin Smith (Commander Smith) does have something up in his sleeves.

Many “Attack on Titan” readers believed Erwin had a plan as he was apparently unfazed despite seeing the Beast Titan finally making his move along with a battalion of mindless Titans (or perhaps shapeshifters).

‘vanihba2000’ at Manga Helpers thought Erwin’s plan has likely to do with the latest upgrade of the Survey Corps’ Three Dimensional Maneuver Gears (3DMG).

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In his predictions for “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75, ‘ufnovaes’ said their upgraded 3DMG looked like it had a place to fit something. And it was said to be a spear that used the new hardening skills of Survey Corps Eren Yeager.

‘Eigengaru’ noted the upgraded 3DMG in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 74 “Mission Objectives” was sported by every member of the Survey Corps. He went on to predict in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 that their hidden weapon would highly increase the chance to survive.

It could also be recalled that the Survey Corps mentioned a certain technology that was stashed away. Hence, it could possibly be it.

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But what seemed to be the most concrete evidence that the upgraded 3DMG was designed to hold spears was a rendition cited by ‘ufnovaes’. The rendition revealed a space enough to fit a long spear. (For the image of the rendition of the upgraded 3DMG, click: “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75 predictions about upgraded 3DMG with crystallized spear.)

While many believed the Survey Corps would receive heavy damages, ‘Edukovic’ thought whatever Erwin Smith’s plan was, it would definitely turn the battle in their favor and save more lives.

Besides a spear, ‘strawhatcrew’ predicted Erwin might drink the Titan potion in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75. He went on to say once Erwin absorbs the Titan potion, he would fight against the Beast Titan, adding that the next chapter will reveal the two as friends who became enemies.

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While he disagreed about Erwin taking the Titan potion, ‘Haze’ concurred about Erwin’s confidence and added it was “weird” of him to feel that way, even saying, “One of us will survive and the other will die.” ‘Haze’ also recalled Erwin’s statement about “both sides are getting the battle they were looking forward to.”

Moreover, ‘mattiaildivino’ believed the plan would involve Annie Leonhart. Hopefully, Erwin Smith’s plan would not fail.

But will the Survey Corps really defeat Reiner Hooever (Armored Titan), Bertolt Hoover (Colossoal Titan), and the Beast Titan in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 75? Do they really have crystallized spears?

Who knows. For now, readers are reminded to take these with a grain of salt.

Photo source: Dex via Flickr|“Attack on Titan”

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