‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 76 Spoilers: Survey Corps Blasts Reiner’s Eyes With New ‘Thunder Spears’

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 76 Spoilers: Survey Corps Blasts Reiner’s Eyes With New ‘Thunder Spears’
Spoilers for “Attack on Titan” chapter 77.

Recent “Attack on Titan” chapter 76 spoilers revealed the Survey Corps piercing Reiner’s eyes and blinding him for them to capture the human body inside the Titan. Will they succeed?

SPOILER ALERT: Readers are advised to skip this article if they don’t want to know something in advance about the upcoming chapter. Otherwise, read on for more details.

It seems humanity is winning as spoilers revealed the Survey Corps successfully slashing the nape of Armored Titan Shifter Reiner Braun.

Images and translations at Tumblr showed the Scouting Legion making simultaneous attacks at Reiner, whose nape got shattered and exposed by the military’s latest weapon “thunder spear.”

The Corps successfully shattered his nape after a number of their thunder spears powerfully shocked the targeted Titan body part.

Prior to their attack, “Attack on Titan” chapter 76 spoilers revealed they pierced and electrocuted his eyes first, which was painful enough to immobilize him.

The Corps carefully executed the plan due to the risk the thunder spears brought. According to Hange Zoe, there’s a chance that the wielder might get mixed in and explode because of its destructive power; thus, they need to throw the spears from a distance and cut its connecting line.

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Zoe also explained that the spears could only be used on Titans whose numbers are countable and when soldiers are located from tall structures for greater accuracy.

In the “Attack on Titan” chapter 76 spoilers, Eren Yeager’s new “hardening punch” method was very useful. He was winning in his fight against Reiner whose face and hands got shattered repeatedly.

Eren’s method included on focusing the hardening skill on a singular point of his Titan body, making that certain part stronger and powerful to crush Reiner’s metallic armor.

Taking down Armored Titan Shifter Reiner Braun was only a part of the Survey Corps’ three objectives: Seal the Wall Maria, kill the Beast Titan, and finish off Reiner and Colossal Titan Shifter Bertolt Hoover.

Speaking of Bertolt, ‘AndyTheAMPanda’ at Manga Helpers believed he is going to make a move anytime sooner together with the Beast Titan.

It was said that the two were only using Reiner as a decoy for their plan to capture Eren.

So far, these are the spoilers for “Attack on Titan” chapter 76.

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