Attack on Titan Season 2 to Feature Clash of Titans Story Arc

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
Attack on Titan Season 2 to Feature Clash of Titans Story Arc
Attack On Titan Season 2 To Feature Clash Of Titans Story Arc

The Attack on Titan Season 2 has its power packed release on the Christmas Eve. Then, it has given rise to some important points. The first and the foremost stands out that anime series carries the Clash of Titans story arc.

Moreover, the confirmation comes over even before the release of Attack on Titan. Reports say that Clash of Titans story arc will be part of it. This does sound pretty interesting. And now, the anime series finally released the trailer. This does state that it is indeed the most compelling and significant part of the story.

Notably, fans should also note that the trailer asserts that it is not necessary that all the titans in manga series of the Attack on Titan cause harm to humans. There are some which always try and protect people who are innocent. The trailer clearly shows that the small titans move on to fight against the bigger ones. There is Eren’s Rogue Titan and it moves against the Armored Titan.

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Attack on Titan Season 2 to Feature Clash of Titans Arc

Another important revelation which the fans can look forward to is the events which they might have missed in the manga counterpart. They can now know everything that has taken place in Clash of Titans. This does prove an extra edge to Attack on Titan fans in Season 2.

Ecumenical News reports over that Attack On Titan will not just feature Clash of Titans story arc, but interestingly enough there will be Uprising story arc too. Fans should note that this story arc does look less bright when compared with Clash of Titans. And the anime is clearly not lacking in any kind of action. The plot even appears to be equally heavy. Some examples are there in when an attempt is made for overthrowing the government on the Wall Sina, history of these titans. And the truth behind how exactly these walls come up in existence.

Right now, it is known that the Attack on Titan Season 2 is likely to come out by April.

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