‘Attack On Titan’ Is Back With More To Offer

By Anwesha Bose | 2 years ago
‘Attack On Titan’ Is Back With More To Offer

“Attack On Titan Part I” trailer has been released, and the fans are going crazy about it. It is expected to arrive in the US this fall. To know more about the release read on.

The power pact trailer of the “Attack On Titan” is breath-taking and the entertainment world is going frenzy. Since FUNimation has acquired the rights, this action packed film is expected to reach the American Theatres this fall.

The two live action movies “Attack On Titan Part I & II” would cover the entire “Attack On Titans” season I. This format will be highly convenient for the audience to cope up with the 25 episodes of the “Attack On Titan” anime version. Sources reported that “Attack On Titan Part 1: Crimson Bow & Arrow” will cover episodes 1-13, while “Attack On Titan Part 2: Wings Of Freedom” will cover episodes from 14-25, CrossMap reported.

News are making rounds of some of the unrevealed scenes to be featured in the first two parts of “Attack On Titan.” But it is not sure whether those scenes would actually create a link between the two parts of the movie.

Meanwhile, Tetsuro Araki delayed the “Attack On Titan” season 2 premier. The reason behind such delay was confirmed due to the lack of two story arcs in the manga version. “Attack On Titan” season 1 had covered four story arcs, which includes: “ The Fall Of Shiganshina,” “104th Trainee Squad,” “Battle Of Trost District,” and “The Female Titan.”

Toho Co. LTD and FUNimation had announced in the San Diego Comic Con Festival that they would be hosting the “Crimson Bow & Arrow” on July 14 at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles California. It will be premiered with an English subbed version. Sources also confirm that the Japanese premier of this film based on Hajime Isamaya’s manga and anime series is set to be opened on August 1st, Venture Capital Post reported.

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