‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 73 Spoilers: Eren, Survey Corps Repair Wall Maria; Reiner, Bertolt Waiting to Ambush

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 73 Spoilers: Eren, Survey Corps Repair Wall Maria; Reiner, Bertolt Waiting to Ambush
“Attack on Titan” Chapter 74 spoilers reveal the Beast Titan attacking.

Latest “Attack on Titan” chapter 73 spoilers revealed Eren starting to repair the breach of Wall Maria as Reiner and Bertolt took a peek somewhere. Will Reiner and Bertolt ambush the Survey Corps? Will they succeed in kidnapping Eren? Read on for more details.

“Attack on Titan” chapter 73 spoilers showed Survey Corps Eren Yeager using his 3D Maneuver Gear to repair the hole in the Wall Maria while the rest of the squad was stationed at the wall.

However, Reiner Braun (Armored Titan) and Bertolt Hoover (Colossal Titan) were revealed to be watching somewhere and seemed to be trying to wait for the right timing to execute a surprise attack. Although the spoiler image, via Tumblr, did not divulge their plans, it is highly possible the two titan shifters were bent on ambushing the Survey Corps in order to capture Eren, who possesses the power of a Coordinate.

Thanks to his superb analytical skills, Survey Corps Armin Arlert spotted a campfire and concluded that Reiner and Bertolt might be near somewhere. He then sent Eren a hand signal to caution him.

Furthermore, the “Attack on Titan” chapter 73 spoilers impressed a thrilling mystery: no titans were roaming near the Wall of Maria. Though it was not revealed as to why, but could Reiner and Bertolt have something to do with it?

Because no titans were spotted even daylight has already come, Survey Corps Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe were on alert as the squad proceeded with the plan of repairing the Wall Maria and getting inside Eren’s house.

The spoiler also stated the Survey Corps were already near Eren’s house. But filling the hole at Wall Maria came first before proceeding to the basement of Eren’s home.

The “Attack on Titan” chapter 73 spoilers also featured Eren shaking because of the fear that he might fail saving everyone. Good thing, Armin was there to calm him.

In the previous “Attack on Titan” chapter 72, Reiner and Bertolt were seen staying at the top of Wall Maria, seemingly waiting for the arrival of the Survey Corps. These two were sent on a mission to capture Eren and save Annie Leonhart.

The Survey Corps, under the leadership of Erwin Smith, had a main goal: retake the Wall of Maria. But this does not come without a price.

There were speculations that a major character is going to die and pointed Levi and Erwin as candidates. Still, it could only be revealed once “Attach on Titan” chapter 73 is officially released.

So far, these are the “Attack on Titan” chapter 73 spoilers. Readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Official manga website/“Attack on Titan”

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