‘Attack On Titan’ Movie Owns The Japanese Box Office

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Attack On Titan’ Movie Owns The Japanese Box Office
Attack on Titan

It is official. The “Attack on Titan” movie is a big hit on the Japanese box office. The manga based movie is doing quite well on the box office and fans around the world are waiting for its English version which will be released this fall.

“Attack on Titan” has done pretty well on the box office so far. Forbes reports that it has collected 600 million yen on its opening weekend at the box office. This comes out to roughly $4.8 million. The film is based on a popular manga series of the same name which is penned by Hajime Isayama. The manga has already been adapted to make a very succesful anime television show. The movie is deviates considerably from both these materials and is therefore very interesting to watch.

The plot seems simple enough. There is a walled city and there are titans who eat people. The walls keep the titans out until one of the titans breaks a wall and gets in. As people run away from the titan and try to hide in the inner districts of the walled city, much chaos ensues. It is upto the tiny humans to take on the titans and save the rest of humanity or what’s left of it.

It appears that the film has been panned by Japanese critics. Many claim that the movie doesn’t work as a film. They claim that the plot has been handled too melodramatically and fails to engage the audiences who basically came to watch a strong action thriller. The opening scenes are drenched in sentimentality and seem to drag. But those looking for deep meaningful dialog will obviously go home happy.

The director, Shinji Higuchi, had recently gotten in all manner of trouble for insulting the movie’s promotion staff. He claimed that the promotion could have been handled better.

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