Attack on Titan Season 2 Has All the Answers to Lingering Questions

By Prabhu Prasad | 2 years ago
Attack on Titan Season 2 Has All the Answers to Lingering Questions

After a long hiatus, the return of the Japanese manga series is fast approaching. Attack on Titan season 2 will address the lingering questions from the debut season.

When the dark anime series first came around, nobody had the slightest idea what they were getting into. Nearly three years after the completion of the maiden season, the Attack on Titan season 2 is finally here. Without further ado, it is imperative to address what the season holds for the anticipating fans.

In addition to being an enthralling season, the debut season left a lot hanging in the balance. Matter of fact, Attack on Titan season 2 will shed light on the history of the titans and the humanity on the other side. Not to mention, the missing gap of Jaegers’ family history. Christian Times reports the revelations that are in the cards for the upcoming season.

The Attack on Titan season 2, on the other hand, will adapt the latest manga storylines from Hajime Isayama. Furthermore, the new plot will unfold once the previous season’s story gets a closure. Needless to say, the season will kick-off with an epic Titan fight in accordance with the Clash of the Titans.

Isayama is likely to introduce more Titans on top of the prevailing ones. With the revelations on their inception, the new Titans’ history will come to light too. Turns out, it all goes back centuries ago when two clans went to war against each other. Eren’s family had its roots from one of the clans too.

Eren will come to face some bitter truths about his past and some family secrets that will topple the entire equation. The protagonist, for instance, realizes his ancestry tracing back to the Elodian race. Moreover, Eren Yeager learns about an imminent encounter with a Titan who is also his half-brother, turns out.

Eren and rest of the Survey Corps will return no sooner than April 2017. Anime fans, however, can’t wait to see the post-apocalyptic action fantasy. It’s best to muddle through the manga chapters to see what’s brewing until the release.

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