Attack on Titan Season 2 to Release on April 1; Beasts Titan & More Characters Expected

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
Attack on Titan Season 2 to Release on April 1; Beasts Titan & More Characters Expected
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The Attack on Titan Season 2 will release on April 1. So, finally, the series has a release date and now all the fans have to do is just waiting for a couple of months. Last year, the showrunner came out with the season two trailer on heavy fan demand and that too after a long time.

So, now that Funimation has finally declared a release date. Will fans get to see another trailer or two before the game actually airs in April? That’s quite possible! However, fans can still speculate and come out with their own conclusions about Attack on Titan Season 2 based on the way the first season ended and the latest trailer for the upcoming season.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Trailer Reveals Beast Titan

Everyone is expecting the showrunner to introduce something novel in the upcoming season. And that can be anything from new characters, backdrops, changes in setting and twists in the storyline. The trailer for the second season suggests that there will be several new Titans making their entry in the new episodes.

Particularly, the new season will be marked by the presence of a hairy Titan called the Beast Titan.  The city is plagued by the presence of giant, man-eating, humanoid monsters. These are the Titans causing the problem to the citizens of Shinganshina. According to Polygon, no one knows about their whereabouts, origin and also the reason for their attacks on civilization.

Attack on Titan Season 2

The source says that the remains of humanity are now confined only within three large walls. These are Wall Rose, Wall Sheena, and Wall Maria. The protagonist’s group includes Eren Yeager, his friend Armin and sister Mikasa. They are back in action but panicked. In the first season, the Titans managed to cross the first wall.

In the Attack on Titan Season 2, they will surely cross the second wall. The upcoming season will reveal the worse fate for the civilization.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Synopsis                                  

The synopsis for the upcoming season reveals the fight of Eren Jaeger to save humanity against the attacks of the Titans. However, during the battle, he turns into something he hates the most. Eren acquires new powers and uses them to fight for the cause of saving humanity and freeing it from the clutches of the monsters threatening to eradicate the civilization.

Last season Eren managed to get a bittersweet victory over a Female Titan. However, with no time in hand, the lead protagonist will have to prepare himself fast as a group of Titans is fast approaching Wall Rose.  So, the Attack on Titan Season 2 episodes will focus on how Eren fights with these Titans. Will he become successful in stopping them reach the Wall Rose?

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Funimation 

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