Attack On Titan Season 2: RIP Survey Corps, Life Outside The Wall?

By IvyV | 2 years ago
Attack On Titan Season 2: RIP Survey Corps, Life Outside The Wall?

Attack on Titan Season 2 premiere dates remains in spring of 2017. Survey Corps vanished with only nine survivors left in the Chapter 85 of the manga version.

The waiting is still much longer for the global hit Attack on Titan Season 2. Several speculations surfaced online, from plot and premiere predictions, to rumors and theories.

Attack on Titan Season 2 will basically follow the original version Shingeki No Kyojin. However, recent rumors suggest that the anime series will deviate from the original material.

As of the moment, Season 2 still shrouded in mystery. But if the anime sticks to the manga version, it will likely reveal the secret in the basement.

In Attack of Titan manga Chapter 85 titled Basement, the Survey Corps will themselves the remaining survirvors of a titan encounter. The survivors include Armin, Eren, Sasha, Levi, Hange and Mikasa.

The chapter revealed that Armin ate Bertolt, to his shocked and dismayed. Hange takes over as commander of the Corps in the demised of Erwin.

The team decided to visit Eren’s house and unveil what is in the basement. As a child, Eren was prohibited to see the basement under his father’s command.

The group was excited to find out what is in the basement. At first look, it looks like a “medical” room and houses nothing suspicious. They uncover a secret drawer which they think holds the secret.

Attack on Titan Chapter 85 revealed that there is also life outside the wall. In fact, the life outside may be better than inside the Wall Maria. The team saw a photograph with a note from Eren’s father.

It seems like the people outside the wall are enjoying technology and the photograph is the proof of it.

The question now is, will Season 2 adopt the same plot?

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Attack on Titan Season 2 and manga version.

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