Lindsay Lohan on 2 Broke Girls Shoot: A “Train Wreck” Says Audience

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Lindsay Lohan on 2 Broke Girls Shoot: A “Train Wreck” Says Audience


Lindsay Lohan’s guesting at CBS’s “2 Broke Girls” was supposedly her first appearance, aside from her own show “Lindsay,” after coming out of rehab. She would appear as a bride-to-be in the show’s upcoming episode. Lohan wants Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) to make her wedding cake.

However, while taping with a live audience, an audience was not so happy with Lohan’s performance, thus calling her a “train wreck.”

The audience, who is also a blogger, said that Lohan messed up her lines, causing a take two in a particular scene. In fact, she wrote a review about her experience in the show, which she posted in her blog “Crazy Days and Nights.”

In the blog, the writer shared how badly she wanted to see Lohan in the “2 Broke Girls” set. She called her pal who works there to help her in, and he did. After her euphoric moment of seeing Lohan in the flesh, she wrote in her blog “that guest list of 100 people began to see that Lindsay was a train wreck but you only want to watch so many collisions before you realize you have better things to do with your life and they filed out en masse. About one-third at that point and because of some seat shuffling I found myself in the second row in a perfect position to watch more Lindsay meltdowns.”

The blogger not only pointed out Lohan’s incapability to throw her lines. She mentioned some of Lohan’s lines about her wedding cake which she could not get right. In the end, the director had to delete some lines and narrowed down into two “black and white.” The actress’s lips, as she described it, were plumped that Lohan could not open it to say a word because of her Botox.

“Of course she won’t be able to pronounce anything if she keeps smoking because her voice is rapidly disappearing into some type of screaming smoking raspy hell hole,” added the blogger in “Crazy Days and Nights.”

Well, you have to see it for yourself and watch that episode which airs on April 14, 2014 on CBS. For recaps and spoilers about “2 Broke Girls,” stay tuned here at Movie News Guide.

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