Audience Vomiting And Fainting At The Premier Of New Horror Movie ‘Bite’

By Ila Samant | 3 years ago

The Fantasia Film Festival will come up with a little more for the audience than they expected. The new horror movie “Bite” will make their feet turn cold and take them by storm. As they are given movie ticket, they are also given barf bags which looked like a promotional gimmick at the first sight.

However, according to, these barf bags are very much needed as they begin to watch the horror movie “Bite”. It seems that this act was not enough to contain the emotions of movie goers as there were reports that many people fainted during the movie.

For those who have worked at cinema this comes as a real shock and something which have not seen since many years. For some staff members it is the first time such incident has happened.

According to, the makers of the movie “Bite” thought they will cause a stir in stomach of movie watchers, but it seems, they did not expected that people will start fainting and ambulance service have to be called. It turns out that one of the viewers’ hurt his head as he reacted to one of the scene in the movie.

So what is there so bad in the movie that viewer are reacting the way they are?

To begin with the trailer of the movie is encompassing to make people cringe. In footage of the movie a woman and her friends are shown swimming in the wilderness of a remote area. A bug bites the woman, but she quickly blows it off. Things then turn into a classic horror story.

Just like in many other horror movies, the bite from the bug injects the virus in the woman’s body and it quickly starts to adapt the body in monster’s features. The woman slowly turns into a treacherous bug.

Many people must be aware about the type of characters a bug has when it has to lay and feed its eggs. You can very well image what will happen next and if not, just go and watch the movie.

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