Audio Emerges of Murder Plot to Kill Justin Bieber

By admin | 6 years ago

On Monday, everything got a bit scarier for everyone. New details emerged of the murder plot that a convicted murderer and two others hatched to kill pop sensation Justin Bieber and his bodyguards. The plot originally made headlines in December of last year but now details through taped phone conversations and other audio have emerged about the plot.

Police said that Dana Martin, who is in prison for raping and murdering a teenage girl, was the brains behind the deadly plot. Martin is alleged to have directed a friend he met while in jail, Mark Staake, and Tanner Ruane, Staake’s nephew to kidnap and murder Bieber and his bodyguards.

In a conversation that was taped between Ruane and Martin, the nephew lets Martin know he had purchased the hedge clippers and wanted to be paid $5,000 for each. The each was in reference to each testicle. The plan was for Staake and Ruane to first kidnap, then castrate and finally kill Bieber and his security personnel. Ruane wanted to be paid $5,000 for each testicle he handed over to Martin.

After Staake and Ruane were to have castrated the group, Martin wanted the men to tie a scarf around the necks of Bieber and his security personnel suffocate them. However, prior to the plan taking place, Staake and is nephew Ruane, were arrested near the border of Canada by Border Patrol agents for making a wrong turn.

Each of the three men faces counts of conspiracy to commit battery, conspiracy to commit murder.


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