Austin Mahone Gets Flirty With An Up-and-Coming Singer Online; Has He Finally Moved on From Becky G?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Austin Mahone Gets Flirty With An Up-and-Coming Singer Online; Has He Finally Moved on From Becky G?
Austin Mahone

If Becky G is moving on with her life from Austin Mahone, then Mahone is doing the same thing! Mahone is getting flirty with another singer in a cute and sweet way. Read below for the full details:

According to J-14, Brie Angellina is an up-and-coming singer and it looks like Mahone finds her interesting. Angellina posted a video on her Instagram of herself singing to Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You.” And then surprisingly, Mahone posted a video of himself singing the same song with the caption, “@brieangellina right back at you.”

@brieangellina right back at you 🎤

A post shared by Austin Mahone (@austinmahone) on

Oh. My. Talk about getting flirty on social media!

Well, Mahone, that’s one smooth way to charm yourself to a new prospect. It is unsure whether they know each other personally or they are just flirting with each other online. In the case of the latter, they might meet anytime soon!

We’re not sure what this means, though. Is Mahone totally over Becky G or it could be just a harmless type of flirting. Also, did Angellina really intended that song for Mahone? Who knows? But we’ll know sure enough.

As for Mahone’s “gesture” online, it’s enough to definitely smitten someone. We wonder how the singer felt when she saw the video. To be honest, it’s kind of sweet and it’s such a nice song, too.

Is a blossoming relationship heading Mahone’s way again? This guy really has a thing for young and upcoming singers. What do you think? Do think they’ll be a good match? Or are you still rooting for Mahone and Becky G to get back together? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Facebook/Austin Mahone

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